My Project

Do you know anyone outside of fiction who has an honest to goodness “quest”? Well, now you do!

Some years ago, my dad and I came up with a plan. Both lovers of travel, we decided we’d try to complete an A to Z of the world – visiting at least one country beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

It was a bit of a pie in the sky idea, a fun thought that we’d pull out and chew over every now and again, until dad sadly passed away. He was only 47 and had expected to have many, many years of travel ahead of him.

So our idle thought experiment became my actual quest – I would complete the alphabet in honour of our shared love of travel, to finish what we started and prove to dad (and myself!) that we could do it.

That’s the short version of course; I’m still writing the long version! Once I’d decided to take on this project to remember my dad, I also decided to turn it into a book. Part memoir, part memorial, it’ll become the chronicle of all the amazing travel I’ve experienced over my lifetime.

As you can see from the list below, I’m nearly there. You can keep track of my progress – on the book and the travel itself – over on the My Progress page.


Countries I’ve visited so far …

A – Australia, Austria

B – Belgium, Bulgaria

C – Canada, Cyprus

D – Dominican Republic

E – Egypt

F – France

G – Gran Canaria

H – Holland, Hungary

I – Italy

J – Japan, Jordan

K –

L – Latvia

M – Majorca, Maldives, Malta, Menorca

N – Norway

O – Oman

P – Portugal

Q – Qatar

R – Rhodes

S – Scotland, Spain

T – Tenerife

U – United States of America

V – Venezuela

W – Wales

X – Hong Kong (it’ll make sense in the book, honest!)

Y – (this one’s a surprise)

Z – Zakynthos/Zante